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Sumiss aims to inspire women of Malaysia to always feel confident & empowered to be excellent entrepreneurs. Through its vision to provide accessible prices with premium quality of health & beauty products reaching out to all beauty enthusiast.

Our Product
Royal Elegance Beauty Drink

With a high antioxidant agent Royal elegance is a Hyaluronic & Tripeptide concentrated beauty drink giving you a more radiant, supple & glowing skin. Each of Royal Elegance sachet offers 3,000mg collagen.

Powerful Ingredients
for your skin

Hyaluronic Acid(HA)
(Skin Hydration)

HA is popular for its skin hydration property. It helps to increase skin moisture, reduce fine lines & wrinkles, soothe redness & dermatitis as well as speed up wound healing such as acne scar


Glutathione is a type of antioxidant that protects cells from toxins such as free radicals. It repairs your skin from the inside and makes it more youthful. It also improves your brittle nails, damaged hair, and fine lines as well as strengthens your immune system


Blueberry is high in antioxidant that helps protect the skin from damage. It also improves your heart health & circulation. It's not just high in vit. C but also Anthocyanin that helps your body produce more collagen.

(protect skin barrier)

Ceramides help retain your skin moisture & preventing the entry of germs into your skin. It locks moisture into your skin & prevents dryness & irritation


Astaxanthin protects body cells from damage while improving your immune system function. It also helps smoothen wrinkles & make age spots smaller and maintain skin moisture

Elastic Peptide
(Skin Flexibility)

It provides skin elasticity and has 1000x more flexibility than collagen. It gives you a youthful-looking skin

Our Founders

Datin Mandees Chan

Founder, SUMISS

Mandees is trained in accountancy and often find herself overseeing Budgeting and Forecasting, Cashflow Management, and Purchasing. However, her true passion is in design. She has an eye for great design, and in fact, quite an accomplished graphics designer herself. Besides creating beautiful images, she is very hands-on in creating products and nothing goes untested by herself for a lengthy period. Because of that, she ensures that they are made of high quality and effective ingredients and supplies. Using the same principle, after extensive research and testing, she created the first batch of products for Sumiss Beauty Drink.

Mandees is exposed to various aspects of running a business from an early age by following her Dad tending to his group of companies. At mid 20’s, while most of her peers were just about to start their career, Mandees is already quite a successful entrepreneur herself, managing multiple businesses ranging from F&B, Property Investment and Management, Manpower Supplies, Security Surveillance Systems, and Blockchain related applications.
She often brings a balance in a male dominated world of business. Her approachable and happy-go-lucky demeanor made her well-loved by everyone who worked with her, be it employees or business partners alike. However, the soft touch does not mean lack of business prowess. People who knew her would say that she’s quick to grasp an idea or business concept, and would able to convince many to understand her point of view. She attributes that to her vast experience, traveling the globe from the east to the west immersing in myriad of cultures and new technologies. In many of her trips, she would discover new ideas through visitation to plants, exhibitions, and dialogues with the local communities. Fresh from the new perspective she would come back and innovate products and services.

Cut Zahra Ermanda

Co-Founder, SUMISS

Always a go-getter, Cut Zahra has always dreamed of developing a brand she can call her own. Cut Zahra has been passionate about beauty care and fashion since a very young age.

Fast forward to 2022, she finally made herself proud by collaborating with a team of wonderful people to launch Sumiss, hoping she could put all her experience into bringing sumiss to become malaysian most favorite beauty brand

Cut Zahra Ermanda was born and raised in Malaysia. Having a strong Indonesian lineage, both maternal and paternal, Cut Zahra stayed true to her roots and speaks the aceh dialect among other languages such as bahasa malaysia, English and bahasa Indonesia.

Always a go-getter, Cut Zahra has always dreamed of developing a brand she can call her own. Cut Zahra has been passionate about beauty care and fashion since a very young age.

Not only was she into cosmetics and fashion, Cut Zahra is also active in sports which includes Rugby and Netball. She was a national rugby player in 2016 and had made major contributions to the Kedah rugby team both as a player and team manager. With these experiences, Cut Zahra holds determination and success-driven characteristics that contributes on achieving her goal — to create a brand of her own

Graduated in business management majoring in entrepreneurship, determined and clear of her goals, Cut Zahra has her eyes set on the end game. Confident with capabilities, she knew the path she had to take to achieve her dreams. Throughout the years cut Zahra has been blessed to be given the opportunity to work with household names .

She kick started her career working with startups because Cut Zahra believes that nothing beats the learning experience when you start from the bottom. Slowly she moved up and even secured a job with local Malaysian celebrities where she learned about the importance of content planning. In which she was personally guided by the founders and a very dedicated creative and marketing team who just wanted her to succeed and achieve her goals. After spending most of her career with startups, Cut Zahra took a leap of faith and joined the big guns. Media Prima, Where she learned how to juggle multiple tasks at once and on top of striving to achieve sales targets.

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